ToTouch One - "Pathway To Purpose, Skills and Employment"
                          What is TTO about?
TTO Vision

ToTouch One mission is to provide alternative vocation education training, essential skills training for at-risk youth and young adults who find themselves in high risk situations and returning citizens who were formerly incarcerated, that need a second chance in life.

TTO Mission Statement
ToTouch One vision is to help at-risk youth,  young adults and returning citizen’s transition back into the community, the educational system and obtain full-time employment.

Why  is TTO Concerned?

Significant groups of young people and adults are being undervalued as social capital.  They are individuals that want to turn their lives around after having been in bad situations  or having made poor choices.  They are, at-risk youth, young adults or formerly incarcerated so they dropped out of school.  They have the cognitive abilities but what they need is knowledge and experience to succeed in today's challenging and fluid workplace.
TTO Accomplishments

TTO is committed to leading community reentry efforts through education and vocational training.  Our efforts have begun by providing Life Skills For Personal Development and Growth at West Contra Costa Adult and Continuing Education, Contra Costa College, Hercules and San Pablo Libraries and Mission High School in San Francisco.   TTO  has provided Introduction To Culinary 101 at West Contra Costa Adult and Continuing Education.   From 2013 to the present, over 146 students have experienced our training programs.  TTO is the Bridge designed to provide the training necessary to close the gap between failure and success.
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