ToTouch One - "Pathway To Purpose, Skills and Employment"
TTO Program Observation and Feedback

If  there is one central message emerging from TTO’s research and survey of at-risk youth,  young adults and returning citizens, it is that " what people know and what they can do with what they know" has a major impact on their life chances.  A few key findings and comments from our 2013-2014 Culinary and Life Skills training:

  1. 95% approval rate of culinary class instruction and curriculum had a positive impact on the students.  Students liked visual presentations of food, spices, equipment, tasting and unusual dishes.
  2. 90.5% approval rate of life skill class instruction and curriculum had positive impact on students.  Students liked goal setting techniques, how to identify who I am and what is my purpose, group discussions, class room set-up, how to let go of the negative and focus on positive, setting priorities and how to deal with conflict.
  3. Educator and Student Feedback from Life Skills Session (Mission High School San Francisco) What they liked:   
" the positive focus and feelings generated in the room"
              "how encouraging they were"
              "one student said the were “motivating and moving”
               "sharing their personal experience was good"
               "real words of wisdom"
              " sharing their personal experience was good"  
              " the idea of thinking about planning for their future"
              " the concept that working  hard leads to success"
              " students were quiet and impacted by the experience in positive ways"
              "gave the students important things to think about and it really sunk in"
              " students kept walking by during presentation because they were curious"
              "one student came by the next day looking for the class"

4.  A few years ago I took the Life/Soft Skill Course in Richmond, Ca.  The course was broken into different segments and explained by Mr. Haynes with real life stories and current events.  The intent of the program is to nurture the greatness that is inside all of us and help us grow mentally, physically, socially, financially and emotionally.  We as a society need to commit to accomplish great thing for ourselves, our families and our communities.  I truly believe that we should never stop learning and ToTouch One helped me fulfill that goal.

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