ToTouch One - "Pathway To Purpose, Skills and Employment"
                                       Welcome To:  ToTouch One                                                                        
 ToTouch One (TTO)  a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization founded by James Haynes in July 2010.  TTO  provides vocational training and essential skills training for at-risk youth and young adults who find themselves in high risk situations and returning citizens who were formerly incarcerated. TTO is committed to support their reentry efforts back into their community and help them to obtain fulltime employment. Only through innovative educational techniques, essential skills (life and soft) and full-time employment will at-risk youth, young adults and returning citizens have an opportunity to have a sense of individual responsibility and commitment to accomplish great things for themselves, their families and community.

TTO focuses on four elements:
  Life/Soft Skills Services –  personal  counseling,  mentoring and job retention training.
Education Services - GED and/or High School diploma aid.
Vocational Training - teaching  job skills like Computer Programming, Call Desk and Culinary  to name a few.  
Jobs - we are committed to finding our clients employment and providing pre-screened qualified workers for local businesses. 
TTO Partners:
Over the past few years TTO  have built strong partnerships with Contra Costa County Youth and Family Services, Wellness City Challenge,  West County Workforce Investment Network, West Contra Costa Partnership Group, Community Violent Solutions,  West Contra Costa Adult and Continuing Education, Contra Costa College, Richmond YouthWorks, The Wright Institute, Rubicon,  Mission High School of San Francisco, New Covenant World Ministries and other non-profit, governmental agencies and local business. 
Support Programs, Services and Seminars: 

TTO  provides training for at-risk youth, young adults and returning citizens to become self-determined, independent, profitable and productive citizens within their communities.  TTO also provides specially designed life/soft skill seminars to local school districts and businesses to provide income to support operating cost. 
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